Kanha Tiger Reserve Kisli Jabalpur – Wildlife Tourism in India – Know About amazing world of wildlife in Madhya Pradesh, India

Kanha Tiger Reserve is placed at a higher position among the world’s finest wildlife destinations. In the wildlife tourism world of India Kanha Tiger Reserve is famous for significant population of Royal Bengal Tiger, leopards, the sloth bear, Barasingha and Indian wild dog.
Kanha Tiger Reserve covering a core area of 940 Sq. Km. buffer area of 1067 Sq. Km along with 110 sq. Km of adjoining Phen Sanctuary and over 1000 species of flowering plants, is the world of amazing nature rich land which proved inspiration for Rudyard Kipling for his famous novel “Jungle Book”.
Moist Peninsular Sal and Tropical Moist Mixed Deciduous Forests of the Kanha Tiger Reserve are the natural habitat of trees like Sal, Saja, Lendia, Dhawa, Tendu, Palas, Bija, Mahua, Aonla, Achar and Bamboo etc. and providing shelter to about 300 bird species besides being the home of many reptiles such as Python, Indian Cobra, Russell’s Viper, Indian Krait, Common Rat Snake, Common Skink, Indian Monitor, Fan Throated Lizard and Indian Garden Lizard etc.
As for as accommodation is concerned tourist need not to worry about it as along with many private commercial hotels forest department also have made adequate arrangements for comfortable stay of visitors of Kanha Tiger Reserve. Here you can have accommodation ranging from Ac / Non Ac room to dormitory type.
Situated in the Maikal hill of Satpura range in the Madla and Balaghat Districts of Madhya Pradesh, Kanha Tiger Reserve is accessible from Jabalpur, Nagpur and Raipur. Jabalpur is the most convenient place for the wildlife safari of the Kanha Tiger Reserve. State transport buses are plying between the Jabalpur and Kisli, one of entry point to park. Tourist can also hire a vehicle for the entire travel on contract bases.
Surely Your trip to Kanha Tiger Reserve is not just a visit to destination of biodiversity but it is an opportunity to spend some time inside the amazing, stunning, thrilling wildlife and be the guest of nature to enjoy your vacation in central India.

Vital Tourist Information : Kanha Tiger Reserve

Location :
Kanha Tiger Reserve is situated in the Maikal hill of Satpura range in the Madla and Balaghat Districts of Madhya Pradesh,

City : Jabalpur - Nagpur - Raipur

State : Madhya Pradesh [India]

Region : Central India

Weather & Climate :
At Kanha Tiger Reserve visitors will come across with distinct monsoonal type of climate. Average annual rainfall here is 1225 mm.

Temperature :
Summer : Max. 43°C Min. 11°C
Winter: Max. 29°C Min. 2°C

Tourist Season :
Kanha Tiger Reserve remains opens for the tourist from the October to June.

Basic Travel Info :
The best way to access Kanha Tiger Reserve is to reach Jabalpur by Train, road or Air journey and hire a four wheel vehicle for the entire trip.

Accommodation :
Accommodation is not a problem on the Wildlife safari of Kanha Tiger Reserve as there are many hotels. Forest department is also offering range of accommodation to tourists.

Spoken Languages :
Hindi - Local Dialects - English

Travel Tips :
Do remember the manufacturing date of vehicle while hiring as vehicles older than five years are not allowed to enter inside the park.
Excursions are allowed only in the morning and evening with company of authorised guide.
Keep sufficient stock of drinking water with you and don't get out from your vehicle in the forest.

Dining / Food Facility :
Almost every type of food is available here with mouth watering aroma.

Static & Biographical [Flora & Fauna] Info : Kanha Tiger Reserve

Area : 940 Sq. Km [Core Area]

Forest Type : Moist Peninsular Sal and Tropical Moist Mixed Deciduous

Plants :
Along with over 1000 species of flowering plants, prominently trees such as Achar - Aonla - Bamboo - Bija - Dhawa - Lendia - Mahua - Palas - Saja - Sal - Tendu are constituting flora of the Kanha Tiger Reserve.

Animals :
Mammals : Barasingha - Barking deer - Chital - Chousingha - Gaur - Jackal - Langur - Panther - Sambar - Sloth bear - Tiger - Wild dog - Wild pig
Fishes : Brown Snakehead - Common Rasbora - Giant Danio - Green Snakehead - Mud Perches
Reptilians : Common Rat Snake - Common Skink - Fan Throated Lizard - Indian Cobra - Indian Garden Lizard - Indian Krait - Indian Monitor - Python - Russell’s Viper

Birds :
Over 300 bird species are found here.

Interesting Information :
Photography is allowed inside the park but it attract quite heavy charge.

How To Reach Kanha Tiger Reserve Madhya Pradesh [India]

Train Journey / Nearest Railway Station :
Good number of trains are available there from various city for reaching Jabalpur [214 KM], Nagpur [280 KM] or Raipur [216 KM] whichever city you chose as the base city for your wildlife safari.

Road Travel / Bus Route :
State Transport buses are there to take visitors to park else you can hire a vehicle.

Air Travel / Nearest Airport :
Raipur is the nearest airport for the domestic flights.