Hemis National Park Ladakh – Wildlife Tourism in India – Know About amazing world of wildlife in Ladakh, Jamu & Kashmir, India

Hemis National Park, situate in north of Himalaya in the eastern region of Ladakh is among the largest national parks in the India. In the year 1981 when the Hemis National Park was established to provide protection and conservation of a number of species of endangered mammals including the snow leopard an area of 600 sq. Km was declared as the protected area which kept on increasing an according to last notification in the 1990 area of park is increased to 4400 sq. Km. This has made the Hemis National Park largest national park in the Asia.
Beside the high altitude [average elevation level of park is above 3000 meters] climate here is also allowing only the true adventure lovers and physical fit person to go on the wildlife safari of Hemis National Park. Weather and climate here is from sub arctic to arctic, with a shorten summer and almost no rainy season, winter proves very sever here as sub zero temperature is the common in the area.
Though Hemis national Park is situated [north boundaries of the park] on the banks of banks of River Indus but still the heavy snowfall of the region allowed only alpine forest to grow with few trees and plants such as Astragalus, Birch, Ephedera, Junipers, Myricaria, Poplar, Salix, Taraxacum along with many sparse grassland.
Another difficulty aspect of Hemis National Park safari is non availability of hotel accommodation around and inside the park. Tourist has to depend on the home stay facilities in the nearby villages or room accommodation available at 400-year-old Hemis Monastery.
One think is sure beside the very rare and endangered wildlife you are going to witness some very awesome stunning natural beauty during your tour to Hemis National Park.

Vital Tourist Information : Hemis National Park

Location :
Hemis National Park is situate in north of Himalaya in the eastern region of Ladakh.

City : Ladakh

State : Jammu & Kashmir [India]

Region : North India

Weather & Climate :
Weather and climate here is from sub arctic to arctic.

Temperature :
In the summer temperature remains around 15°C while in the winters (-) 15°C to (-) 20°C is the common mercury reading which might drops down even to (-) 30°C.

Tourist Season :
You can go on the Wildlife safari of Hemis National Park any time from Mid September to Mid June as per your interest if you love trekking Mid June to October is the best time. Visit park in months of March to September for Wildlife and if you are keen bird watcher March to May months are the perfect time.

Accommodation :
No hotel accommodation is available near or inside the park. All that you can get here is home stay facilities in the nearby villages or room accommodation available at 400-year-old Hemis Monastery.

Fair & Festivals :
Hemis Tsechu festival - a Buddhist religious celebration held annually in summer.

Static & Biographical [Flora & Fauna] Info : Hemis National Park Ladakh

Area : 4400 Sq. Km.

Forest Type :
Manily alpine forest along with many sparse grassland.

Plants :
Astragalus - Birch - Ephedera - Junipers - Myricaria - Poplar - Salix - Taraxacum

Animals :
Bharal - Blue sheep - Dholes - Himalayan marmots - Ibex - Ladakh urial - Lynx - Mouse hare - Pallas' cat - Snow Leopard - Tibetan argali - Tibetan Wild Ass or Kiang - Wolf - wolves - Wooly hare

Birds : s
now cock, chukor, magpie, Himalayan whistling thrush, white rumped shama, snow partridge, golden oriole etc. Other importants birds worth watching include: Great Grey Shrike, the Red Mantled Rose Finch, the Black Throated Thrush, the Robin Acceptor, the Spotted Flycatcher, various migrant Teal, the Red Flanked Blue Tail and the Great Nose Finch are the some of the prime birds species out of the 72 birds species recorded here.

How To Reach Hemis National Park Jammu & Kashmir [India]

Train Journey / Nearest Railway Station :
Presently train journey to Hemis National Park is available only up to Jammu but as in the very near we are going to have train tracks in Kashmir also so this is quite possible that by the time you read this it might become functional.

Road Travel / Bus Route :
Leh - Shrinagar National Highway which usually remains open for public from May to November is the source of road journey to Hemis National Park.

Air Travel / Nearest Airport :
Leh is the nearest airport.