Gir National Park Junagadh – Wildlife Tourism in India – Know About amazing world of wildlife in Gujarat, India – Home of Asiatic Lion

Gir National Park Junagadh is not just the home of Asiatic Lion but also one of most important Wildlife Tourism destination in the Gujarat. Stretched to 1412 sq km dotted with deciduous forest having semi-evergreen, evergreen flora, grasslands and rocky hills was declared as the Gir National Park in the year 1965.
According to census of April 2010, there were 411 Asiatic Lions at Gir National Park. With over 400 plant species and enough population of wild animals, favorite prey of the forest King, Gir National Park is hot travel destination on the map of Gujarat Wildlife tourism.
Out of the 2357 fauna species finding shelter at Gir National Park, insects [2000 species] and birds [300 species] are holding major share. About 38 species of Mammals and 37 Reptilian species are also recoded to have home at Gir National Park.
Your wildlife tour to Gir National Park Gujarat is much more than an amazing, exciting and thrilling travel experience as on this tour you are going to have vision of some beautiful scenic nature, spellbinding views of wild animals including the Asiatic Lion in their habitat and historical monuments of Junagadh city.
Shopping experience of Junagadh is bound to add more colors to your Gir National Park in Gujarat. For the trekking lovers going up to Peak of Girnar Mountain at Junagadh by using about 8000 odd steps is a life memory. If you are photography addict certainly the panoramic view of landscape of surrounding will prove much more than a temptation for clicking many photos.
So before you pack your travel bags for eventful, exciting and fun filled travel to Gir National Park, get familiar with all the tour details, info on flora & fauna found at Gir National Park, climate and accommodation there along with train, bus or air journey. All this tour and travel info associated with Gir National Park tour is provided here.

Vital Tourist Information : Gir National Park Junagadh

Location :
Gir National Park is situated in the Sourashtra region of Gujarat in the districts of Junagadh & Amreli. The main entrance to park is at road distance of nearly 60 Km from the city heart of Junagadh.

City : Junagadh

State : Gujarat [India]

Region : Western India

Weather & Climate :
Gir forest region experiences tropical monsoon climate. During the summer peak weather hear proves very harsh for the overseas tourists.

Temperature :
Winters are pleasant here as temperature remains in the vicinity of 10°C. which at summer peak rise to touch even higher than 43°C..

Tourist Season :
Tourist season of Gir National Park is from Mid October to Mid June but we recommend December to April months for this truly eventful wildlife tourism in Gujarat.

Basic Travel Info :
For the Wildlife tour of Gir National Park the best way is to reach Junagadh by train, bus or air [Travel details of journey to Junagadh are given below] and take a bus or hire taxi / tourist vehicle for reaching to park

Accommodation :
Tourist accommodation is available near the entrance gate of the park rooms can be booked with Wildlife tourism in Gujarat.

Spoken Languages :
Hindi - Gujarati - Local Dialect - English

Travel Tips :
Take care of having guide through out your travel inside the park.
Do avoid smoking inside the park,
This is advisable to have enough stock of drinking water with you.

Static & Biographical [Flora & Fauna] Info : Gir National Park Junagadh

Area : 1412 Sq. Km.

Forest Type :
Vegetation here is deciduous forest having semi-evergreen, evergreen flora and grasslands .

Plants :
Ashitro - Ber - Desi baval - Dhav - Dudhlo - Hermo - Khair - Khakhro - Modad - Sadad - Saledi - Teak - Timru

Animals :
Asiatic Lion - Blackbucks - Bulbul - Chaushinga - Chinkara - Chital - Civets - Crocodile - Desert cats - Four-horned Antelope - Fox - Hyena - Indian Cobras - Jackal - Jungle cats - Langur - Leopard - Mongoose - Nilgai - Porcupine - Ratel - Rusty-spotted cats - Sambar - Sloth bears - Wild boar

Birds :
Black naped fly catcher - Black-headed Oriole - Bonelli’s eagle - Brown Fish Owl - Crested hawk eagle - Crested Serpent Eagle - Crested Treeswift - Endangered Bonelli's Eagle - Indian Eagle-Owl - Indian Pitta - King vulture - Malabar whistling thrush - orange headed ground thrush - Painted storks - Paradise flycatcher - Peafowl - Pelicans - Pygmy Woodpecker - Rock Bush-Quail - Tawny eagle

Tourist Spots/Attraction :
Famous Somnath Temple is 50 odd Km away from the park.

How To Reach Gir National Park Junagadh Gujarat [India]

Train Journey / Nearest Railway Station :
To access Gir National Park on Train Journey Junagadh is the nearest railway station. There are two routes for the train journey to Junagadh, Ahmedabad Veraval and Rajkot Veraval but still there are very few trains are running.

Road Travel / Bus Route :
For the road journey to Gir National Park buses of state transport corporation are available from Junagadh, Veraval and other cities.

Air Travel / Nearest Airport :
Air journey to Gir National Park ends at Keshod which is nearest airport for domestic flights. Buses / taxi is available for 100 odd Km road journey to Park.