Dudhwa Tiger Reserve – Wildlife Tourism in India – Know About amazing world of wildlife in Uttar Pradesh, India

Dudhwa Tiger Reserve is situated in the Lakhimpur Kheri district of Uttar Pradesh quite close to border of Nepal. Probably this the best natural forests and grasslands left in the Terai region of Uttar Pradesh. Dudhwa Tiger Reserve is constituted from the Kishanpur (204 sq km), Wildlife Sanctuary, Katerniaghat (440 sq km) and Dudhwa National Park (680 sq Km). The interested thing is that all these three protected areas are not a continuous physical body for the instant in between the Dudhwa National Park and Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary there is agricultural land for 15 Km long strip of land. Presently the core area of the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve is 884 sq.Km.
On the two sides North and South of Dudhwa Tiger Reserve boundary is created by the Rivers. Mohana river forms the boundary on the north side that on the Indo Nepal Border while the southern boundary of park is formed by river Suheli. Besides these two rivers there are numerous lakes and pools inside the park which are making the land most fertile for growth of diversified flora.
Abode of Bengal Tiger, Dudhwa Tiger Reserve was experimented in the year 1976, Tara, a hand reared supposedly Bengal tigress acquired from Twycross Zoo in England was released into the forest, though afterward it was proved that Tara was a hybrid Siberian-Bengal tigress. Again in the year 1985, The Rhino with seed population of seven was allowed to reenter into animal world of the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve, this has shown good results as population of The Rhino in the park is reported to reach 16.
Dudhwa Tiger Reserve is also home of more than 450 species of resident as migratory birds and 90 species of fishes and undoubtedly is the most popular wildlife travel destination of India.

Vital Tourist Information : Dudhwa Tiger Reserve

Location :
Dudhwa Tiger Reserve is situated in the Lakhimpur Kheri district of Uttar Pradesh quite close to border of Nepal.

City : Lakhimpur Kheri

State : Uttar Pradesh [India]

Region : North India

Weather & Climate :
At the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve you will experience an extreme Humid Subtropical with dry winter climate.

Temperature :
During winters temperature remains in between 20–30 °C and rises to 40 °C during the summers.

Tourist Season :
Though Park remains open for public from November to June[15th November to 15th June] but February to April is the best time to visit Dudhwa Tiger Reserve.

Basic Travel Info :
On the train Journey route Dudhwa (4 km), Palia (10 km) and Mailani (37 km) are the nearest railway station for the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve but all these are on the North east railway and get connected to national rail network via Lucknow.
The best way to travel to Dudhwa is reach Lucknow by tarin. bus or air travel and from there reach Dudhwa by road journey.
Travel Details for Lucknow are given below.

Static & Biographical [Flora & Fauna] Info : Dudhwa Tiger Reserve

Area : 884 sq. Km

Forest Type :
Vegetation here is North Indian Moist Deciduous type,with Sal forests and moist grasslands.

Plants :
Asna - Bahera - Jamun - Khair -Sal - Shisham are the some of the important trees found here.

Animals :
Blue bull - Cheetal - Elephant - Gharial - Hog deer - Kakar - Langur - Monitor lizard - Mugger - Porcupine - POtter - Python - Rhesus monkey - Rhinoceros - Sambar - Sloth bear - Swamp deer - Tiger - Turtles - Wild Pig

Birds :
Bengal Florican - Emerald dove - Fishing eagle - Hornbill - Indian Pitta - Orioles - Osprey - Paradise flycatcher - Pea fowl - Red Jungle Fowl - Serpent eagle - Shama - Woodpeckers

Tourist Spots/Attraction :
Frog Temple at Oyal [Dedicated to Lord Shiva] & Surat Bhawan Palace are the on the way not to miss tourist spots.

How To Reach Dudhwa Tiger Reserve Uttar Pradesh [India]

Train Journey / Nearest Railway Station :
Lucknow is connected with numerous Indian cities by train journey via Northern and North eastern railways.

Road Travel / Bus Route :
Lucknow enjoy a good web of roads and bus service is operational from almost all cities of the state and other nearby cities for getting here.

Air Travel / Nearest Airport :
Lucknow city have Amausi international airport which receive regular daily domestic and few international flights.