Know About amazing world of wildlife found at Chandaka Elephant Reserve Bhubaneshwar Orissa

Chandaka Elephant Reserve is the only one of its kind for being the natural home for the majestic and massive mammal Elephant. This is one of the best places for Eco tourism in India. Tourist can go even for the day trip as the Chandaka Elephant Reserve is located quite close [distance from city heart is just 20 KM] to Bhubaneshwar in Khurdha area of the scenic Eastern Ghat. Deras Dam and Jhumka Dam are the two water reservoirs situated within the boundary are serving as the water source. There are comfortable watch towers for watching the birds and wildlife.
With the 33 species of mammals, 33 species of reptiles and 167 species of birds along with a few species of amphibians and fishes with various vegetation types and medicinal plants Chandaka Elephant Reserve is often visited and hot favorite travel destination for the students, scholars, researchers, and wildlife and nature lovers.
Bamboo plantation, Orchids, Ferns, Club mosses, Bryophytes and Lichens are the star attractions for botanist on Chandaka Elephant Reserve tour, where as common nature lover travelers gets mesmerised with freely moving Elephants and colorful variety of Butterflies inhabiting in the region.

Vital Tourist Information : Chandaka Elephant Reserve

Location :
Chandaka Elephant Reserve is located at road distance of just 20 km from Bhubaneshwar, capital city of Orissa.

City : Bhubaneshwar

State : Orissa [India]

Region : East India

Weather & Climate :
Chandaka forest region have tropical weather with annual rainfall of 1400 cm.

Temperature :
Annual average mean temperature in the Chandaka elephant reserve remains in range from Min. 10°C to Max. 40°C

Tourist Season :
November to April months are the tourist season for Chandaka Elephant Reserve.

Basic Travel Info :
Chandaka Elephant reserve is located on inter-state road visitor can take bus or hire a taxi for reaching here.

Accommodation :
Some of the watch towers there are such comfortable that tourist can stay there for over night, besides this there are few cottage also available for tourist accommodation. Majority of visitors prefer to stay at comforts of Bhubaneshwar city and come here for day trip.
Bhubaneshwar hotels are offering accommodation matching with all the budgets and comforts.

Spoken Languages :
Oriya - Bengali - Hindi - English

Travel Tips :
Elephants is considered among the peaceful animals but be aware of wild elephants in the Chandaka Elephant Reserve, on certain occasions might turn out to be very dangerous.

Dining / Food Facility :
Rice and Fish are dominating food served here. while in Orissa go for Maccha-besara, Aambila & Chenchada [Non Vegetarian], Santula (boiled vegetables), Dalma, Potala Rasa [Vegetarian] and off course sweet dishes like Chhena jilabi and Cheena poda.

Souvenir / Shopping :
Prominent shopping items are fashion garments of ikat fabrics, Sambhalpuri Silk, tussar etc. Traditional Orissa paintings and utility items made from seashells are also dominating shopping bags of visitors.

Static & Biographical [Flora & Fauna] Info : Chandaka Elephant Reserve

Area : 193 Sq. km

Forest Type :
Semi- evergreen forests, Moist Kangada forests and Planted Teak and Eupatorium scrub along with Thorny bamboo brakes

Plants :
Belo - Giringa - Jamu - Kalicha - Kangada - Karanja - Kochila - Kumbhi - Sal - Sidha - Sunari - Teak
Orchids, Ferns, Club mosses, Bryophytes and Lichens
Medicinal plants :
Apamaranga - Baidanka - Bhuin-kakharu - Bhuinlimbo - Brudhadaraka - Duramari - Guluchi lata - Indrajaba - Kurchi - Patalgaruda - Salparni - Satabari - Thalkudi

Animals :
Barking deer - Chital - Common Indian mongoose - Common langur - Hyena - Indian wolf - Leopard - Mouse deer - Rhesus monkey - Ruddy mongoose - Pangolin - Sloth bear - Small Indian civet - Wild pig
ReptilesRock python and Bengal Monitor lizard are quite common. Chameleon, Common skink, Indian flap shell turtle, Russel's viper, Bamboo pit viper, Common krait, Common vine snake, Kukri snake are some other reptiles inhibiting here.

Birds :
Black headed oriole - Coucal - Crested serpent eagle - Great horned owl - Paradise fly catcher - Peafowl - Red jungle fowl - Stone curle

Migratory :
Migratory Duck Species : Garganey and common Teal, Pintail, spot billed and bramhiny Duck and white eyed Pochard

Tourist Spots/Attraction :
Bhubaneshwar offers a lot for the tourist.
Tourist Spots around Temple City Bhubaneshwar in Orissa
Tourist Spots : Arti - Chilka Lake - Dhauli - Nandan Kanan Sanctuary - State Museum
Religious Places [List of Temples] : Ananta- Vasudeva Temple - Bhaskareswar Temple - Bhavanishankar Temple - Brahneswar Temple - Lingaraj Temple - Rajarani Temple - Sari Deul Temple - Satrughaneswar Temple - Sureswar & Gouri Temple - Swaranjaleswar Temple - Yameswar Temple - Yogini Temple

How To Reach Chandaka Elephant Reserve Orissa [India]

Train Journey / Nearest Railway Station :
Bhubaneshwar have daily direct trains from various cities such Puri, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Kolkatta and many more, hence this is quite comfortable to reach Chandaka Elephant Reserve by train journey.

Road Travel / Bus Route :
Bhubaneshwar have very excellent road web. Buses ply regularly for the all important cities of state. Direct bus service is also available from Kolkatta and Jamshedpur.

Air Travel / Nearest Airport :
Biju Patnaik airport of Bhubaneshwar have good air travel links with other cities. Regular daily domestic flights are available from Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Vishakhapatnam, Hyderabad, Kolkatta and Raipur etc. for getting here.

Local Transportation :
Elephant Safari is the best way of exploring wildlife of Chandaka Elephant Reserve.