Bhadra Tiger Reserve Karnataka – Wildlife Tourism in India –– Know About amazing world of wildlife in Karnataka, India

Bhadra Tiger Reserve, Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary till 1998, is one the most scenic wildlife destination of south India state Karnataka and famous for the day trip wildlife safari Park. Bhadra Tiger Reserve is at road distance of 285 KM from the Bangalore, state capital city with its reserve areas expanded to districts Chikmangalur and Shimoga, surrounded by the scenic hills and steep slopes of the Mullayanagiri, Hebbegiri, Gangegiri and Bababudangiri hills.
For the nature lovers Bhadra Tiger Reserve is a gift of Western Ghat enriched with picturesque locations of Bhadra River and its tributaries like Somavahini, Thadabehalla and Odirayanahalla. In the year 1951 the area was declared as the Jagara Valley Wildlife Sanctuary by the Mysore government, which was upgraded to Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary in the year 1974. Under the Project Tiger sanctuary with area of 493.46 sq. KM become Bhadra Tiger Reserve in the Year 1998.
Bhadra Tiger Reserve provides natural habitat and shelter to more than 50 Tigers along with about 250 elephants. The Tropical Moist Mixed Deciduous Forest of Bhadra Tiger Reserve is famous for the population of Indian Bison. Large heard of Spotted Dear and Sambhar are common to see where as it is not difficult to spot a Leopard in the area. The animal world of the Bhadra Tiger Reserve in its forest region with more than 120 plant species includes reptiles like Marsh crocodiles, Monitor lizards.
Mhakta Markandya Temple of Khandya, Bhavani Shankar Temple of Hebbe, Hebbe Falls, Manikyadhara Falls, Bababudana Hill, Bhadra Resvoir and Sri Dattatraya Peeth are the some of the non wildlife tourist attractions of Bhadra Tiger Reserve. Surely trekking to Mullayanagiri, the highest peak in the Karnataka proves a thrilling experience for the adventure lovers.
Plan your Wildlife tour to Bhadra Tiger reserve either March to July or in the September October months to explore the wildlife at its best because during this period most of animals are tend to assemble near the water holes.

Vital Tourist Information : Bhadra Tiger Reserve

Location :
Bhadra Tiger Reserve is situated in the picturesque locations of Western Ghat in the district Chikmangalur and Shimoga.

City : Mangalore & Bangalore

State : Karnataka India

Region : South India

Weather & Climate :
Though Bhadra Tiger Reserve area receives annual rainfall varies from 1200 mm to 2600 mm but still summers here are quite harsh while the winters are pleasant chilly.

Temperature :
In the summers Mercury may go as high 35°C during the day times, while in the winter temperature reads around 10°C.

Tourist Season :
March to July and September October months are the tourist season and best time to visit Bhadra Tiger Reserve.

Basic Travel Info :
Hassan connected to Mangalore and Bangalore is the nearest railway station for the train journey to Bhadra Tiger Reserve, which is comfortably accessible by National Highway 48 [Bangalore Hassan] on the road journey.

Spoken Languages :
Kanada - Hindi - English

Travel Tips :
Most of tourist chose Bangalore as the base city for the wildlife tour of Bhadra Tiger Reserve for the better train / Air journey connectivity with rest of country. Being the state capital city and hot travel destination, at Bangalore you will find Hotel accommodation and other tourism infra structure at world class levels.

Static & Biographical [Flora & Fauna] Info : Bhadra Tiger Reserve

Area : 493.46 sq. KM

Forest Type :
Tropical Moist Mixed Deciduous Forest
Tropical Dry Deciduous Forest
Semi-Evergreen Forest

Plants :
More than 120 Plant species are found here including trees such as Teak, Rosewood, Mathi, Honne, Nandi, Kindal etc.
Some of common species are : Ceylon oak - clumping bamboo - Crepe myrtle (lanceolata) - Indian kino tree - Indian-laurel - Indigo - Jalari - Jamba tree - Kadam - kindal - Kydia calycina - Rosewood - Simpoh (pentagyna) - Teak - Thaasal (tiliaefolia) - Thorny bamboo - Toddy palm - White teak

Animals :
Barking deer - Black leopard - Bonnet macaque - Common Langur - Common Palm Civet - Elephant - Flying Squirre - Gaur - Jackal - Jungle Cat - Malabar giant squirrel - Mouse deer - Pangolin - Porcupine - Sambar - Slender loris - Sloth bear - Small Indian Civet - Spotted deer - Wild boar - Wild dog

Birds :
Emerald Dove - Great Black Woodpecker - Grey Jungle fowl - Hill Myna - Malabar Parakeet - Red Spur fowl - Southern Green imperial pigeon

How To Reach Bhadra Tiger Reserve Karnataka India

Train Journey / Nearest Railway Station :
On the train journey Bhadra Tiger Reserve is accessible from Hassan rail head which is connected with Mangalore & Bangalore.

Road Travel / Bus Route :
For the Road Journey to Bhadra Tiger Reserve national highway 48 Bangalore Hassan is the best option. Regular bus is available. National highway 4 with a side road from Bange is another alternative.

Air Travel / Nearest Airport :
For the Air travel to Bhadra Tiger Reserve, Mangalore [190KM] and Bangalore [285 KM] are the nearest airports, you can chose according to your entire tour of South India.