Betla National Park – Betla Tiger Reserve Jharkhand – Wildlife Tourism in India –– Know About amazing world of wildlife in Jharkhand, India

Betla National Park is unique in the sense that this is the place where in 1932 first census of Tigers was conducted and this is the first national Park in India which under the Project Tiger becomes a Tiger Reserve in the year 1989. Actually out of the original area of 1026sq. KM of Palamau Sanctuary, as the Btela National Park was known in past, a core area of around 232 sq. KM is declared as the Betla Tiger Reserve.
Situated in the Chota Nagpur Plateau of the Palamu district of Jharkhand, Betla National Park is one of best Wildlife travel destination in India. Betla National Park Provides natural habitat and shelter to 27 Tigers, more than 60 Leopards, 210 Wild Elephants & 250 Bisons, along with Sloth Bear, Panther, Wild Bear, Wolf, Jackal, Hyena etc. and often referred as the Glittering crown of wildlife tourism in Jharkhand & Bihar.
Eight tribes populated among the 200 odd small villages situated inside the park are adding charm to this wildlife safari with their traditional folk culture and life style. Bihar Tourism is running a Van Vihar tourist complex, situated close to entrance of sanctuary is one of the best place for tourist stay. For the adventure lovers Tree house accommodation option is there. These fully furnished tree houses are inside the Betla National Park, surely this is quite thrilling experience to bent down to see the wild animals at a water hole just few yards away.
Moving around the Betla National Park you can opt either a Jeep Safari or Elephant Safari; Private vehicles are permitted provided you have an authorized guide. Betla National Park has only one entrance gate at the Betla Village which is just 25 KM from the Daltonganj and about 170 KM from the Ranchi, state capital city.

Vital Tourist Information : Betla National Park / Tiger Reserve

Location :
Betla National Park is situated in the Chota Nagpur Plateau of the Palamu district of Jharkhand, at road distance of 170 KM from the Ranchi, state capital city.

City : Daltonganj - Ranchi

State : Jharkhand [India]

Region : North India

Weather & Climate :
Here tourist will experience typical north Indian weather, one with quite harsh summers and pleasant chilly winters.

Temperature :
Summer: Max. 40°C Min. 30°C
Winter: Max. 22°C Min. 10°C
Many times during the peak summers mercury rise to touch as high as 45°C & drops down to 3°C at peak winter.

Tourist Season :
You can visit the Betla National Park any time in the year but for the spotting the tiger March - May months are most suitable. As per the climatic conditions & weather of the region October to April months is the best time for pleasure trips.

Basic Travel Info :
Betla National Park is accessible from the Daltonganj, just 25 KM away. Though there is railway station but most of tourist ends their train journey to Belta National Park at Ranchi. Buses are running on the Daltonganj Belta and Ranchi Belta route at regular interval.

Accommodation :
Quite comfortable accommodation is available near the Betla Tiger Reserve in the form of Van Vihar Tourist Complex, a three stall hotel, fully furnished suits at Tree houses inside the park.

Spoken Languages :
Hindi - Local dialect of Hindi - English

Travel Tips :
Get confirmation about the accommodation.
Betla Tiger Reserve have tribal population, who are quite sensitive towards the customs and traditions, so listen to instructions of Guide.
For the spotting Tiger May is the best time, which is harsh summer period.
There is nominal entry fee, even you have to pay for Camera.

Static & Biographical [Flora & Fauna] Info : Betla Tiger Reserve

Area : 232 sq. KM

Forest Type :
Forest here is fusion of tropical wet evergreen forests and moist & dry deciduous forest with thick growth of sal and bamboo along with a number of medicinal plants.

Plants :
Areas around the Koel River is the grassland, where as in the middle and upper areas of park dense plantation of Sal & Bamboo is most common. Many Medicinal plants are also found here.

Animals :
Ant eating Pangolin - Chital - Elephant - Four-horned antelopes - Gaur - Hyena - Jackal - Kakar - Langur - Mongoose - Mouse Deer - Nilgai - Panther - Porcupine - Rhesus monkey - Sambhar - Sloth Bear - small Indian Civets - Tiger - Wild Bear and Wolf

Birds :
Black Ibis - Black Partridge - Ddoves - Drongo - Fforest Owlets - Hornbill - Papeeha - Peafowl - Quail - Red Jungle Fowl - Swamp Grey - The pied Hornbill - Wagtails - White Necked Stork

Migratory :
Comb Duck, Geese, Snipe, whistling and cotton teal are the some of migratory birds commonly seen during the winter.

Tourist Spots/Attraction :
There are few waterfalls and hot water springs. Historic 16th century built Betla fort is now in the deep dense forests.

How To Reach Betla National Park / Tiger Reserve Jharkhand [India]

Train Journey / Nearest Railway Station :
Barwadih Junction [road distance 15 KM] is the nearest rail head for the train journey to Betla National Park. Many tourist chose Ranchi just because of more number and good frequency of trains.

Road Travel / Bus Route :
National highway 75 is the source for the road journey to Betla Tiger Reserve. After moving 10 KM to southwest of Daltonganj there is side road for reaching to Park.

Air Travel / Nearest Airport :
Ranchi is the nearest air port for the domestic flights for air travel to Betla National Park.