Know About amazing world of wildlife found at Bannerghatta National Park Karnataka

Bannerghatta National Park is only of its kind because of its location quite close to a metro city in India. Amazingly wonderful scenic quiet resting spot with its canopy of shady and sturdy tree and marvelous zoological park, Bannerghatta National Park is the best place for the wildlife tourism lovers in the Karnataka south India.

With the various enclosures , Tiger Safari, Lion Safari and impressive wide variety of flora and fauna, Bannerghatta National Park is heaven for the nature lover and adventure seeker tourists.

Suvarnamukhi Stream and Temple, Champaka Dharna Swamy temple, Narasimha temple are the some of non wildlife tourist attraction of Bannerghatta National Park tour.

At Bannerghatta National Park, there is a Zoological garden, spread over area of 25,000 acre is an ideal place for trekking and family picnics.

Bannerghatta National Park is also ideal for nature camps of students. Follow the instructions of forest Guide while in the Bannerghatta Zoo or at Bannerghatta Nature Camp.

Wildlife tourism in south India.

Vital Tourist Information : Bannerghatta National Park

Location :
Bannerghatta National Park is located at the southern outskirts of famous IT software city Bengaluru [Bangalore] in the south India at road distance of little over 20 km.

City : Bangalore

State : Karnataka [India]

Region : South India

Weather & Climate :
Weather here remains pleasant through out the year. Manson season start from June and ends in August [average rainfall of about 700mm ].

Temperature :
Summer: Max. 33°C Min. 21°C
Winter: Max. 24°C Min. 14°C

Tourist Season :
One can visit park any time round the year but still October to March is considered as the tourist season for the Bannerghatta National Park.

Basic Travel Info :
Park is hardly 22 km from the city tourists can hire a taxi or catch buses plying between Bangalore and Bannerghatta for reaching park.

Accommodation :
Plenty of hotel accommodation is available at Bangalore. Hotel rooms ranging from budget hotel, luxury start hotels and resorts. As most of tourist are visiting Bannerghatta National Park as day trip hence there is no provision for tourist accommodation inside the park.

Spoken Languages :
Kanada - Hindi - English

Travel Tips :
Follow the instructions of forest Guide while in the Bannerghatta Zoo or at Bannerghatta Nature Camp.

Dining / Food Facility :
Dinning at Bangalore is a taste rich, heavenly experience as here one can find eating hangouts serving range of dishes from traditional South Indian food to Continental and even the Chinese. Steaming or roasting is the major cooking activity for the food served.

Souvenir / Shopping :
At Bangalore you can shop for fashion garments, antique jewelry, printed fabrics, travel accessories and bags. Most of the shopping outlets are located on the Brigade Road, Commercial Street and the MG Road. One can also look for books and electronic gadgets.

Static & Biographical [Flora & Fauna] Info : Bannerghatta National Park

Area : 104.27 sq. km

Forest Type :
Dry deciduous forests and thorny scrub, with few areas of moist deciduous forests

Plants :
Anogeissus latifolia - Bamboo - Chujjullu - Emblica officinalis - Eucalyptus - Grewia tilaefolia - Jalari - Neem - Sandal - Santalum album- Schleichera oleosa - Shorea talura - Tamarind - Terminalia tomentosa - Vitex altissima - Wrightia tinctoria

Animals :
Barking Deer - Black Buck - Bonnet Macaque - Common Langur - Elephant - Fox - Gaur - Hare - Hyena - Jackal - Leopard - Lion [10] - Neel Gai - Pangolin - Panther - Porcupine - Sambar - Slender Loris - Sloth Bear - Spotted Deer - Tiger [25] - Wild Boar - Wild Pig

Birds :
Brown Fish Owl - Common Grey Hornbill - Cormorants - Eurasian Eagle Owl - Grey Heron - Little Green Heron - Mottled Wood Owl - Paradise Flycatcher - Spotted Owlet - White Bellied Drong - White Ibis

Interesting Information :
Other Wildlife
Monitor Lizards, Crocodiles, Vipers, Cobras, Python and other snakes.

How To Reach Bannerghatta National Park Karnataka [India]

Train Journey / Nearest Railway Station :
Bangalore railway station is important rail halt on South railway, regular train service is available for and from Kolkatta, Delhi, Mumbai and other cities.

Road Travel / Bus Route :
Bangalore enjoy good speedy highway road links and is well connected on road travel map with other cities by regular and comfortable bus journey.

Air Travel / Nearest Airport :
Bangalore is linked with domestic and international flights on air travel route and have airport of own.