Anshi National Park – Anshi Dandeli Tiger Reserve Dandeli – Explore the Wildlife – Be Natures Guest – Know About amazing world of wildlife in Karnataka, India

Anshi National Park is a wildlife tourism destination for those who wish to be guest of nature and spending their eventful holiday in exploring rich wildlife and truly picture perfect scenic beauty of Western Ghat.
Anshi National Park situated in the forest region of Dandeli area of Karnataka shows some geographical significant facts, the elevation level in the park area varies from 27 to 927 meters. Anshi National Park Dandeli forest region have quite heavy rainfall averaging at 2500 mm per year [in between from 1500 to 5000 mm] but due to the Laterite type of soil [Iron & Aluminum rich soil with very low watering capacity] , water holes gets dried up even at summer start.
In the January 2007, Under the Project Tiger, Anshi National Park along with adjoining Dandeli wildlife sanctuary and some other reserved areas of adjoining states Maharashtra & Goa, a total area of 2200 sq. KM forming almost uninterrupted protected forest was declared as the Anshi Dandeli Tiger Reserve.
Anshi National Park falls in the North Western Ghats montane rain forests and North Western Ghats moist deciduous forests which are declared as endangered by the World Wide Fund for Nature just to protect the rich biodiversity of the area. If we say that Anshi National Park is, most endangered Wildlife Park of India than surely this will not be wrong.
Beside the so many endangered spices of flora & fauna Anshi National Park is also home of nearly 200 rare species of the birds, so when can say that park is heaven of bird watchers. In the August & September months a very huge variety of flowers blossom here but the problem is that those are days of heavy rains and during those days Leech are found in abundance.

Vital Tourist Information : Anshi National Park / Anshi Tiger Reserve

Location :
Anshi National Park falls in the North Western Ghats montane rain forests and North Western Ghats moist deciduous forests at road distance of less than 60 KM from the Karwar city.

City : Dandeli - Karwar

State : Karnataka India

Region : South India

Weather & Climate :
Anshi National Park is situated close toKarwar which is coastal city and experience pleasant climatic conditions through out the year., but you will find a moderate climate in the forest region.

Temperature :
Summer : Max. 40°C Min. 22°C
Winter: Max 32°C Min. 10°C

Tourist Season :
Tourist season for the Anshi Tiger Reserve Dandeli varies according to interest of visitors.
For the bird watchers October November months is the best time.
March to May months are perfect for lovers of water sports.
From December to May weather here become very pleasant for sight seeing , moving around the forest and water rafting.
Wildlife and nature photographers are finding different colors of park in different seasons.
To summaries we can say entire year is tourist season for the Anshi National Park.

Basic Travel Info :
Due to limited accommodation availability near the park many tourist prefer to stay at Karwar and go for day trip to Park which remains open from 6 AM to 6 PM.

Accommodation :
Tent & dormitory accommodation is provided by the forest department at nature camp at Kulgi.

Spoken Languages : Kannada - English

Travel Tips :
As very limited accommodation is available at nature camp at Kulgi, hence advance booking is essential.
Anshi National Park is heaven of bird watchers so presence of a good binocular in travel bag will prove handy.
Anshi Dandeli Tiger reserve is favorite hang out of Wildlife and nature photographers. Do arrange a good camera for your this wildlife safari in India.

Dining / Food Facility :
Forest department is providing food for those living at nature camp.

Souvenir / Shopping :
Karwar is famous for its fine muslin textiles

Static & Biographical [Flora & Fauna] Info : Anshi National Park Dandeli

Area : 340 sq Km [ which is now part of Anshi Tiger Reserve]

Forest Type :
Mix of deciduous and evergreen trees including bamboo and teak plantations.

Plants :
Aini-maram - Bamboo - Bauhinia - Bintangur - Blackboard tree - Calophyllum (wightianum) - Carallia (brachiata) - Eucalyptus - Flacourtia (Montana) - Garcinia morella - Hopea wightiana - Jamba - Knema attenuata - Lantana - Machilus (macrantha) - Malabar tamarind - Mulberry (lakoocha) - Silver Oak - Teak - Tetrameles nudiflora - True cinnamon

Animals :
Anshi National park is the only wildlife destination of Asia where Black Panther is found in natural habitat. This is abode of Tiger, Other Prominent animals finding shelter here includes :
Indian bison - Sloth bear - Indian wild boar - Bonnet Macaque - Northern plains gray Langur - Gray slender Loris - Barking deer (Muntjac) - Mouse deer (Chevrotain) - Sambar deer - Spotted deer (chital or axis deer) - Wild Dog - Jackal - Jungle Cat - Leopard Cat - Small Indian Civet - Indian Gray Mongoose - Flying Squirrel - Porcupine - Malabar Civet - Indian giant squirrel - Pangolin

Birds :
Among the 200 odd Bird Species found here a very few prominent birds are :
Ashy Wood swallow - Asian Fairy Bluebird - Black-crested Bulbul - Blue-headed Pitta - Brahminy Kite - Broad-billed Roller - Ceylon Frogmouth - Crested Serpent Eagle - Golden-backed Woodpecker - Great Hornbill - Great Hornbill - Indian Grey Hornbill - Malabar Grey Hornbill - Malabar Pied Hornbill - Malabar Pied Hornbill - Sri Lanka Frogmouth - Yellow-footed Green Pigeon

Tourist Spots/Attraction :
Ulvi Channabasaveshwara Temple [close to southern boundary]and Kadra Valley view point [about 12 KM] are the two important nearby tourist spots.
Tourist Attractions of Karwar :
Tourist Spots : Bhatkal Beach - Devbagh Beach - Gokarna - Koodi Bagh Beach - Magod Falls - Shivganga Falls
Religious Places : Mahabaleshwara Temple - Samadhi of Veera Shiva Saint Channabasavanna

How To Reach Anshi National Park / Anshi Tiger ReserveKarnataka India

Train Journey / Nearest Railway Station :
On the train journey Anshi Tiger reserve is accessible from the Karwar from where tourist have to travel by road. Karwar railway station [about 10 km from city heart] is an important rail halt on the Kokan railway, adequate number of trains is there for reaching here.

Road Travel / Bus Route :
Regular bus service is available for reach Anshi National Park Dandeli from various state cities.

Air Travel / Nearest Airport :
Dharwad at road distance of 106 KM is the nearest air port for domestic flights for Air journey to Anshi Dandeli Tiger Reserve.

Local Transportation :
Inside the Sanctuary Jeep Safari with Guide.