Achanakmar Tiger Reserve Bilaspur – Explore the Wildlife – Be Natures Guest – Know About amazing world of wildlife in Chhattisgarh, India

Achanakmar Tiger Reserve, extension of the Kanha Tiger reserve is situation just 60 KM away from the Bilaspur. Located the Maikal Ranges of Satpura hills, quite close to Amarkantak originating point of River Narmada provided the natural and favorable habitat to the king of forest called Tiger.
In the Year 1975 part of Achanakmar-Amarkantak Biosphere Reserve covering a 557.55 sq. km was declared as Achanakmar Wildlife sanctuary. In the year 2009 this was decided to expand the area to the 914 sq. km and converting the sanctuary into Achanakmar Tiger Reserve linked to Knaha Tiger reserve. Maniyari River [not a perennial water source] flowing through this deep dense forest region and more than 20 tanks/ water holes present at various places are the water source and life line for the wildlife here.
Besides being home of 35 Tigers, Achanakmar Tiger Reserve is also natural shelter for leopard, bison, flying squirrel, Indian giant squirrel and some other wild fauna tropical moist deciduous forest of higher density of Bamboo and Teak Plantation. Along with 30 Odd species of Butterfly, more than 100 winter migratory birds are observable here.
Dense lush green Sal and bamboo forests and 22 villages nestling in the natural surroundings might prove a temptation and delight for the wildlife and nature photographers, though there is a potential threat also as the Bilaspur-Amarkantak highway is passing through the Achanakmar Tiger Reserve and forest is destructed by the fire by the cattle Grazers at regular interval.

Vital Tourist Information : Achanakmar Tiger Reserve

Location :
Achanakmar Tiger Reserve is located at road distance of 60 KM from the Bilaspur in Maikal Ranges of Satpura hills.

City : Bilaspur

State : Chhattisgarh [India]

Region : Central India

Weather & Climate :
Climate here can be said moderate though at summer peak mercury goes high to touch 45°C.

Temperature :
At the summer peaks temperature reads as high as 45°C while in the winters mercury drops down to 10°C.

Tourist Season :
From the month of November to the month of June is the most appropriate and tourism favorable time.

Basic Travel Info :
On the road journey Achanakmar Tiger Reserve is accessible from Bilaspur [about 60 KM], Amarkantak [25 KM] and even from Bandhavgad [225 KM].

Accommodation :
For the adventure lovers forest rest house is the best place for accommodation it is quite exciting to be in surroundings of sounds generated from sheer cry of tigers,wolves and jackals at night.

Spoken Languages : Hindi - Local Dialects - English

Travel Tips :
Do Keep a good quality Binoculars in your travel bag as this will be helpful for bird watching.

Dining / Food Facility :
Tourists are offered a range of highly tasty and mouth watering recipe list by the Bilaspur Hotels and restaurants. Samosa is the signatory food stuff of the city, though Samosa is famous north India snack but Raipur Samosa is known not just for being highly delicious but also for being not so heavy and bulky.

Souvenir / Shopping :
Bilaspur offers a lot to take back home as the Bilaspur tour souvenir. Shopping is one of interesting tourist activity. You can shop for Signatory Kosa Silk Saree or go for Cotton cloth. Some food stuffs of Mango are also on the buying list of Bilaspur tourists.

Static & Biographical [Flora & Fauna] Info : Achanakmar Tiger Reserve

Area : 557.55 sq.KM

Forest Type :
Mainly tropical moist deciduous type with Forest of Sal, Bamboo and mixed one along with Teak Plantation.

Plants :
Sal, Bamboo ,Bij, Teak etc.

Animals :
Black buck Antelope - Chital - Chital Axis - Four horned Antelopes - Gaur - Indian Wild Dog - Jackal - Leopard - Muntiacus - Munyjac - Nilgai - Sambar - Sloth Bear - Striped Hyena - Tiger Panthera - Wild Bear - Wild Boar

Migratory :
Over 100 species of migratory birds can be observed here during the winter season.

Interesting Information :
confluence point of three rivers namely Sone River,Johila River and Narmada River on Malakal hills is thrilling experience for the trekkers.

How To Reach Achanakmar Tiger Reserve Chhattisgarh [India]

Train Journey / Nearest Railway Station :
Bilaspur is the not just biggest rail junction of Chhattisgarh state but also Zonal Head Office of the South East Central Railway hence this is very easy to reach Bilaspur by Train Journey. Almost all the major cities of India are connected on Rail journey with Bilaspur by daily direct trains.

Road Travel / Bus Route :
Bilaspur is well connected with other cities of the state and country on road journey by NH 200, NH 11 [starting from Bilaspur] and State Highway 7.

Air Travel / Nearest Airport :
Bilaspur have an airport at Chakarbhata [10 KM from city heart] but still for the commercial domestic flights tourists have to depend upon airport at Raipur. Considering the vigorous development of tourism infra structural facilities in the Chhattisgarh state this appears highly possible that at the time you are reading this you might have facility of direct Air journey to Bilaspur.