Religious Tourism in India – Jain Pilgrimage – Know about Parasnath Temple in Giridih district in Jharkhand, India

Parasnath temple or Shikhar Ji or Shri Sammed Śikhar is the one of the most prominent Jain pilgrimage in India. For the Followers of Jainism Shikhar Ji, Parasnath Temple in and Shetrunjaya, located in Gujarat are the most holly destinations.

Parasnath temple is located on Parasnath hills in the Girdih district of Jharkhand state. The 9 KM circumference covering hill is believed to be place where out of 24 Tirthankaras 20 have attained Moksha [List is given below]. The name of the place is derived from the name of 23rd Tirthankara of Jainism, Parshva.

This is life dream of every follower of Jainism, either Svetambara and Digambars, to go on Shikhar Ji pilgrimage at least once in life.

Vital Tourist Information : Parasnath Shikhar Ji

Religion : Jainism

God / Deity : Tirthankaras

Construction Era : 1678 A.D

City : Parasnath - Giridih

State : Jharkhand [India]

Region : North India

Interesting Information :
20 Tirthankaras attained Nirvana at Parasanath
01.Ajitnath - 02.Sambhavanath - 03.Abhinandannath - 04.Sumatinath - 05.Padmaprabha - 06.Suparshvanath - 07.Chandraprabha - 08.Sumatinath - 09.Sheetalnath - 10.Shreyansanath - 11.Vimalnath - 12.Anantnath - 13.Dharmanath - 14.Shantinath - 15.Kunthunath - 16.Aranath - 17.Mallinath - 18.Munisuvrata - 19.Naminatha - 20.Parshvanatha

Travel Tips :
There are many places for accommodation of tourist conducted by social organisation associated with Jainism. Beside the accommodation Food is also provided at very nominal rate.
Tourist can also have accommodation at Government rest house.

How To Reach : Parasnath Shikhar Ji

Basic Travel Info :
On the train journey route Parasnath is accessible from Giridih [28KM] and Parasnath [23 KM] rail stations from where mini buses are available for road travel to temple. Ranchi is the nearest air port city for the air travel to Shikhar Ji.