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Mangueshi temple is not just the most visited popular but also one among the ancient Hindu temples of Goa. Dedicated to Lord Shiva’s incarnation God Mangueshi, Mangueshi temple was moved to present location between Mardol and Priol some time during 16th centaury from the original place Cortalim. Since that time temple has been renovated several times. Shiv Linga and an image of Shiva are established at temple. Lamp tower [deep stambha] of temple is seven-storey construction and among the prime tourist attractions of the temple along with Noubatkhana & Agarshalas [residences for pilgrims]

Vital Tourist Information : Mamgueshi Temple

Religion : Hindu

God / Deity : Lord Shiva

Rituals :
Daily Rituals at Mangueshi Temple Goa :
Morning : Shodshopchar Pooja[ Abhishek] Laghurudra and Maharudra
Noon : Maha Arati
Night [Late Evening] : Panchopchar Pooja
Like the other temples of Lord Shiva here also Monday is considered as the day of Lord Shiva. Large number of tourists and native Hindu devotees gathers for musical Palki procession taken out just before the evening Aarti.

Festivals / Celebrations :
List of Hindu Festivals celebrated at Mangueshi Temple Phonda Goa includes Ramanavami, Akshaya Tritiya, Anant Vritotsava, Navaratri, Dussera, Diwali, Magha Poornima etc. Shivratri or Maha Shivratri is prominent festival of Mangueshi Temple.
Starting from Magha Shukla Saptami to Magha Poornima, "Magha Poornima Festival " is another important religious festival celebrated at Mangueshi Temple Goa.

Construction Era :
Mangueshi Temple is at least 400-year-old temple of Lord Shiva. This is believed that this temple was moved to this place during 16th century from the original place Cortalim.

Constructed by : Mangueshi Temple is reconstructed several time

Architecture : Indian temple architecture

City : Phonda

State : Goa [India]

Region : South West India

Interesting Information :
As per the popular lore, Once Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati were engaged in a heated conversation and in anger Lord Shiva disappear from the Kailash. Goddess Parvati came to Goa, in search of her husband. Lord Shiva decided to terrify Parvati, so appear there in the the form of a tiger and Goddess Parvati remembered her husband with worlds Trahi Mam Girisha [ protect me the Lord of mountains]. In the due course of time Mam Girisha become Mangirisha and subsquently Manguesh, as this temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva hence Mangueshi is the most appropriate name for this temple.

Travel Tips :
Most of the tourist on Goa beach holiday prefer to Stay at Panjim, the capital city of this tine beach Paradise state of India.

How To Reach : Mamgueshi Temple

Basic Travel Info :
Mangueshi Temple Goa is best accessible from Phonda. Travel info about journey to Phonda is given below.
Train Journey / Nearest Railway Station :
Phonda don't have rail station of own, Karmali, about 15 km away is the nearest railway station for reaching Ponda by train journey.
Road Travel / Bus Route :
Phonda falls on National highway 4A and have regular operating bus links with all major nearby cities for getting here by road travel.
Air Travel / Nearest Airport :
Dambolin [45km] is the nearest airport for domestic and international flights.

Local Transportation :
Mangueshi temple is located on the state highway connecting Mapusa with Kolhapur, near the Phonda city.
Many inter state buses plying between Kolhapur and Goa have stoppage at Ponda. Local bus service is also available for Ponda from various cities of Goa. As the road distance between Panjim and Ponda is little less than 25 km so hiring a taxi is also an affordable option for the visitors on Goa tour.