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Goddess Mahalaxmi – Ambai

Mahalaxmi Temple is just one of the tourist attraction of Kolhapur tour but is the signatory for the city, this is due to Temple that city is gaining status of pilgrimage destination.

Kolhapur is a historic city, from very ancient time words Dakashan Kashi [South Kashi] are in the use for the city. Religious importance of city ranks high, as the place is known as the home of Goddess Mahalaxmi – Karveer Niwasini Ambai Devi.

It is said that King Karandev, who migrated from the Kokan area [of the present Maharashtra state] to kolhapur and found a small temple for the Goddess with rich flora around, it was kings efforts that brought the neglected temple in the vision of all. The idol at temple is being constructed using the diamond particle contains precious stone and is about 40 kg in weight.

There are about 35 small temples in the surrounding of main temple beside a mandap, which is being used during many festivals and celebrations like the Shardai [winter] Navratra and so on.

This is as early as 4:30 AM that day starts at Mahalaxmi temple with “Kakada – Aarti” and “Padya-pooja” [Feet Worship] and ends with “Sej Aarti” at 10 PM. At various occasions such as “Tramboli – Yatra”, ” Rathostav” , “Kiranostav”, ” Gokul- Ashtami” and so on special prayers are performed beside the regular daily prayers. Similarly it is also traditional that during the visit of Chhatrapati [Royal Family] of kolhapur and ” Shankaracharya” special prayers are performed at Mahalaxmi Temple Kolhapur.

Click here for natural phenomenon “Kiranotsav” taking place twice in year at Mahalaxmi Temple Kolhapur.

Vital Tourist Information : Mahalaxmi Temple Kolhapur

Religion : Hindu

God / Deity : Goddess Mahalaxmi

Rituals :
During the day Aarti is done five times, starts with first one at
4:30 AM "Kakada - Aarti" and "Padya-pooja"
8:30 AM "Maha-Pooja" followed by the "Mangal- Aarti"
11:30 AM Aarti and devotees usually offer "Kumkum" and flowers to Goddess with the light of camphor burning. This is the longest offering of the day usually goes on till 1:30 or 2:00 in the noon.
7:30 PM "Bhog Aarti "
10 :00 PM "Sej Aarti" and it marks the end off day. After this doors of temples are closed till the 4:30 AM of the next morning.

Timing : From 4:30 AM to 10:00 PM

Festivals / Celebrations :
Besides the Navratra [twice in the year] "Tramboli - Yatra", " Rathostav" , "Kiranostav", " Gokul- Ashtami" are other popular celebrations & Festivals of Mahalaxmi Temple Kolhapur.

Construction Era : Some Time around 109 A. D.

Constructed by : Raja Karnadeo from Konkan

Architecture : Ancient Hindu Temple

City : kolhapur

State : Maharashtra [India]

Region : South West India

Interesting Information :
Kiransotsav - a natural phenomenon occurring twice in year during which rays of setting sun enter into temple touching feet of Goddess Idol and reaching to head.

Travel Tips :
Do remember to enjoy Kolhapuri Misal, Tambda Pandhara Rassa on the Kolhapur Tour.
Kolhapuri Saaz a traditional silver ornament, pure leather footwear 'Kolhapuri Chapal" are the popular tour souvenir.

How To Reach : Mahalaxmi Temple Kolhapur

Local Transportation :
Mahalaxmi Temple is situated at city heart hence it is very easy to reach, however even from the remote areas of city buses and auto Rickshaws are available.

Train Journey / Nearest Railway Station :
Kolhapur is the last train stop on the south central rail route. Mahalaxmi and Sahyadiri express runs daily for Pune and Mumbai. Most of south Indian cities are connected with Kolhapur by train route via Miraj junction.

Road Travel / Bus Route :
Kolhapur is located on the [NH4 ] Mumbai - Bengaluru highway. Good bus service is there from Maharashtra, Karnataka and Goa state for getting here.

Air Travel / Nearest Airport :
Kolhapur have airport of own at Ujalewadi, which is under expansion hence presently very limited domestic flights are available.