Know Indian History – Architectural Wonder – Monuments – World Heritage Sites in India – Fatehpur Sikri Agra, Uttar Pradesh

Fatehpur Sikri is the third World Heritage Site associated with Agra city of Uttar Pradesh, India. The Other two World Heritage sites of the city are Agra Fort and world renowned love monument Taj Mahal. History states that the city was built by last Rajput Emperor Maharana Sangram Singh sometime around 1500 and named the place as Sikrigarh. This was the seventh attempt success by the Moughal King Akbar, for taking possession of the place, which changed the name of place to Fatehpur Sikri. In the Urdu language Fateh means Victory.
There is a temple of Chamad Devi, kuldevi [Deity] of the Rajput Kings in front of the Lal Darwaja supporting the connection of the place with Hindus. Before shifting the capital of Mughal Kingdom to Lahore in the Year 1585, Fatehpur Sikri was the Capital city from 1571 to 1585.
This architectural wonder and one of majestic monument reflecting and illustrating Indian history was included on the list of World Heritage Site on UNESCO in the year 1986.
The dimensions of rocky ridge, on which city Fatehpur Sikri is situated, are 3 KM long and 1 KM wide. Three sides of the city were protected with a boundary wall where on the fourth side a lake was the boundary of the city. The architect of the city is fusion of Gujarat and Bengal schools of architectural craftsmanship with essence of Hindu and Jain architecture and inspiration from the Islamic elements of building construction.

Vital Tourist Information : Fatehpur Sikri

Location :
Fatehpur Sikri is situated at road distance of just 37 KM from the Taj City Agra.

Near By City : Agra

State : Uttar Pradesh [India]

Region : North India

Best Time to Visit :
October - March months are with most favorable for pleasure trips.

Spoken Languages :
Hindi - Urdu - Sindhi - English

Interesting Information :
Fatehpur Sikri is just 20 Odd KM away from the renowned Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary so tourist can club tour of Bharatpur with Fatehpur Sikri.

How To Reach : Fatehpur Sikri Agra

Basic Travel Info :
Though Bharatpur is relatively a bit more close city to Fatehpur but still most of tourist favors Agra just because of famous monument Taj Mahal and better travel connectivity along with more comfortable tourist accommodation generated from the availability of world class tourism infra structure at Agra.
There is more frequent and comfortable bus service available between Agra & Fatehpur Sikri.

By Train :
Agra City have railway station of own and direct trains for Delhi, Jaipur and all major cities.

By Bus / Road :
Highway connects Agra with Delhi, Ajmer, Jaipur and other cities by regular bus service.

Air Travel / Nearest Airport :
Agra airport is connected with other travel destinations by regular domestic flights.