Darjeeling Himalayan Railway – Engineering & Architectural Marvels of India – Architectural Wonder – World Heritage Sites in India

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, the toy train as pronounced popularly by the tourist, is one of the best illustrations of engineering & architectural marvel constructed in India. You will be feeling the measures of difficulty level for constructing a railway journey route between the Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling just from the difference of elevation level of two places. Jalpaiguri is situated at altitude of just 100 meters but same for the Darjeeling reads 2200 meters. The valley of difficulty was become wider with distance of less than 80 KM between the two cities.
Darjeeling Himalayan Railway was constructed between 1879 and 1881. To salvoes the problem of steep mountains and difference of elevation solve Loops and Z Reverse s were introduced into construction designs of Darjeeling Himalayan Railway. There are Four Loops [Five if we consider Batasia loop between Ghum & Darjeeling] and six Z- Reverses on the climbing rail trek. The Original starting south point of Darjeeling Himalayan Railway was Siliguri, which was shifted to New Jalpaiguri in the 1964 so the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway gets connected with Assam on new broad gauge rail route.
Darjeeling Himalayan Railway is part of Indian Railway with head quarter at Kurseong and was added to UNSECO list of World Heritage Site in the year 1999. In the coming years
2005 Nilgiri Mountain Railway
2008 Kalka Shimala Railway
Were also added as the extension of Darjeeling Himalayan Railway and all the three were placed under one heading Mountain Railway in India, for the listing with World Heritage Sites in India.

Vital Tourist Information : Darjeeling Himalayan Railway

Location :
The rail route between the New Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling via Siliguri is known as Darjeeling Himalayan Railway.

Near By City : Siliguri & Darjeeling

Region : East India

Best Time to Visit :
Unlike other city Darjeeling have two tourist seasons, In the summer holiday April to mid June, and in winters September to November months are the best time to visit city.

Spoken Languages :
Gorkhali - Hindi - Nepali - Bhutani - Bengali - Assamese -English.

Interesting Information :
Darjeeling Himalayan Railway is narrow gauge 2 feet [610 MM ] railway journey route and often called as Toy Train.
There are in all 17 stops including Jalpiaguri & Dehradun.
Loop 2 between Rangtop & Chunabhatti was removed in 1942 and loop 1 between Sukana & Rangtop was removed in 1991.