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This was the year 2008, when Champaner Pavagad was getting listed with World Heritage Site list of UNESCO. Age’s old human civilization reflected city Champaner was founded by King Vanraj Chavda [Chavda Dynasty] sometime in the 8th century and named it after his friend and Minister Champa, though there is lore also that name was based on the igneous rocks of Pavagadh. There is another version of history stating that Champaner city was built by Sultan Mahmud Begada of Gujarat.
Champaner Pavagad Archeological Park has good number of archaeological, historic and living cultural heritage monuments. Besides the ruins of 16th-century capital city of the state of Gujarat, you will find here Palaces, Mosques, Tombs, Temples and residential blocks dating back from the 8th to the 14th centuries. At the height of 800 meters on Pavagad hill there is temple of Kalika Mata, a good number of Hindus comes here every year for pilgrimage.
There are in all 114 monuments [Heritage Trust of Baroda] in the Champaner Pavagad region but only 39 are maintained by the Archeological Survey of India. Some of the important monuments are listed below:
At Champaner
Bawaman Mosque – Cenotaph of Kevda Masjid – Cenotaph of Nagina Masjid – Citadel walls – City Gate near Kasbin Talao – City walls at south-east corner of the citadel going up the hill – East and South Bhadra Gates – Helical stepped well – Jami Masjid – Kabutarkhana Pavilion on the north bank of Wada Talao near Khajuri Masjid – Kamani Masjid – Kevda Masjid and Cenotaph – Lila Gumbaz ki Masjid, Chapaner – Mandvi or Custom House – Nagina Masjid – Sahar ki Masjid (Bohrani) – Sakar Khan’s Dargah – Stepwell north of Jama Masjid – Three cells inside the citadel wall between Sahar ki Masjid the local fund Dharmashala – Tomb with a big dome in the centre and small corner domes on way to Khajuri Masjid near Wada Talao

At Pavagad Hill
Gate No. 1 on Pavagarh hill (Atak Gate) – Gate No. 2 (with three gateways, Budhiya gate) – Gate No. 3 (Moti gate, Sadanshah-Gate) – Gate No. 4 with big bastion with cells in the interior – Gate No. 5 near Machi (Gulan Bulan Gate) – Gate No. 6 (Buland Darwaza) – Gate No. 7 near iron bridge (Makai Gate) – Gate No. 8 (Tarapore Gate) – Makai Kothar – Mint above Gate No4 – Navlakha Kothar – Palace of Patai Rawal with tanks – Sat Manzil between gate Nos. 4 and 5 right up to bastions on top – The fort of Pavagad and ruined Hindu and Jain temples on the top of Pavagad hills – Walls of fort on top
Champaner Pavagad Archeological Park is best accessible from Vadodara, which is at road distance of just 45 KM.

Vital Tourist Information : Champaner Pavagad Archaeological Park

Location :
Champaner Pavagad is situated at road distance 45 KM from the Vadodara city of Gujarat state in India.

Near By City : Vadodara

State : Gujarat [India]

Region : Western India

Best Time to Visit :
Tourist season starts from the October and ends toward the mid of March.

Spoken Languages :
Gujarati - Hindi - English

Interesting Information :
Vegetarian food habits dominate day to day life of native people of Gujarat state and mouth watering delicious cuisines are on the priority list of restaurant menus. Non vegetarian food eaters will have to chose from a few dishes offered.

How To Reach : Champaner Pavagad Archaeological Park Vadodara

Basic Travel Info :
Champaner Pavagad is accessible from Vadodara by road travel of 45 KM. Good number of buses are available there, visitors can also have a taxi / hired tourist vehicle for road journey to Champaner Pavagad Archaeological Park.

By Train :
Vadodara fall on the important routes Mumbai - Delhi and Mumbai - Ahmedabad of western railway. There are number of express and super fast trains for getting here.

By Bus / Road :
Vadodara is easily accessible by road as 97 km long super highway [National expressway No.1 ] connects the city with Ahmedabad. National highway No.8 [Delhi- Ahmedabad - Mumbai] is serving the city for the interstate bus journey.

Air Travel / Nearest Airport :
Vadodara is on the regular domestic air travel web of country and have many daily flights from various cities for getting here.