Know Indian History – Architectural Wonder – Monuments – Statics and Facts about – Asirgarh Fort Burhanpur India

Historic Asirgarh fort was built by Assa Ahir of the Ahir dynasty, Ahir are known to be branch of Yadav community existing since the era of Lord Shrikrishana. From the army view point fort was considered of great importance as during the Mughal rule on the country fort was known as entrance to south. In those days Asirgarh fort was also pronounced as Dakhan Ka Darwaja [ Deccan Door].

Asirgarh fort is situated on the Saputara hill ranges in the Burhanpur city of the Madhya Pradesh State. One of the important route between the north and south west area Deccan, created by the valleys  of Narmada & Tapti river was safe guarded by the Asirgarh Fort.

History says that Asirgarh fort was won by many kings and dynasties from the time to time. During the Mughal rule Badshah Akbar captured the Asirgarh fort in early months of 1600. Today the Asirgarh fort is heading t turn into ruins but still charming architecture of fort is attracting tourist.

Burhanpur city also holds religious importance for Sikhism  as at the famous Gurudwara Badi Sangat of the city, there is copy of holly book Sri Guru Granth Sahib written in Golden ink.

Vital Tourist Information : Asirgarh Fort

Location :
Asirgarh Fort is situated on the Saputara Mountain range on the Burhanpur Indore state highway at road distance of about 20 Km from the Burhanpur city.

Near By City : Indore

State : Madhya Pradesh [India]

Region : Central India

Best Time to Visit :
October - March is the best time to visit Burhanpur.

Spoken Languages :
Urdu - Hindi - Sindhi - Gujarati - Marathi - English

How To Reach : Asirgarh Fort Burhanpur

Basic Travel Info :
Burhanpur is not accessible by air travel. Air journey to Asirgarh fort ends at Indore, from where 150 KM odd road distance is covered by State Transport Bus / Taxi / hired tourist vehicle.

By Train :
Burhanpur is on the Mumbai - Delhi and Mumbai - Allahabad route of central railways hence there are many express and super fast trains for reaching Burhanpur.

By Bus / Road :
National highway 3 [Indore Aurangabad] generates road links for the Burhanpur city. There is very good bus service between Indore and Burhanpur.

Air Travel / Nearest Airport :
Indore is the nearest airport city for air travel to Asirgarh fort Burhanpur.