Know Indian History – Architectural Wonder – Monuments – World Heritage Sites in India – Agra Fort

Agra fort one of majestic structure build during the Mughal governance on the country. Agra is more popular for yet another architectural wonder Taj Mahal and often pronounced as Taj City in tourism world. Originally Agra fort was a brick fort in passion of the Hindu Sikarwar Rajputs.  ‘Ain-a-Akbari’ written by Abul Fazal, also states that fort was there before Mughal came to Agra. Actually this fort came in passion of Mughals only after the first battle of Panipat. Construction of present fort was started by Mughal Emperor Humayun , though care of real building and establishment of Agra Fort was taken by King Akbar. In the 1558 Akbar has made Agra, capital of his Kingdom and ordered for the rebuilding of fort with red sandstone to be brought from the Barauli area of the Rajasthan.

Agra Fort cover an area of  2.5 km and have a 10 meter wide moat around it. Fort walls are 70 meter high & have four gateway. Some of important sites &  structures associated with Agra fort are

Anguri Bagh – Diwan-i-Am – Diwan-i-Khas – Jahangiri Mahal – Khas Mahal – Mina Masjid – Moti Masjid – Nagina Masjid – Naubat Khana – Rang Mahal

Agra fort was included on the UNSECO list of World Heritage sites in the year 1983.

Vital Tourist Information : Agra Fort

Location : Agra fort is situated on the banks of river Yamuna in the Agra city.

Near By City : Agra

State : Uttar Pradesh [India]

Region : North India

Best Time to Visit : October - March months are with most favorable for pleasure trips to Agra fort and Agra city.

Spoken Languages : Hindi - Urdu - Sindhi - English

Travel Tips : U.P. State Tourism Development Corporation is conducting daily sight seeing tour for the visitors of Agra.

How To Reach : Agra

Basic Travel Info : Auto / taxi or the hired tourist vehicles are the most common mode of traveling and sight seeing.

By Train : Agra City have railway station of own and direct trains for Delhi, Jaipur and all major cities.

By Bus / Road : Highway connects Agra with Delhi, Ajmer, Jaipur and other cities by regular bus service.

Air Travel / Nearest Airport : Agra airport is connected with other travel destinations by regular domestic flights.