Know About splendid and eventful tour of Hazaribagh – Jharkhand, India –Hazaribagh City Tour & Travel Guide – Gateway to Hazaribagh National Park

Hazaribagh, the new and emerging health resort of North India is situated in the Jharkhand state. This is very easy and comfortable to travel to Hazaribagh as the city is just about 90 odd Km away from the state capital Ranchi. Tourist will have both train Journey and road travel to Hazaribagh from the Ranchi.
In the Hindi language the city name means a place with thousand gardens and Hazaribagh is surrounded by deep dense forest at altitude of 2019 feet is renowned for very excellent healthy climate and nearby national park.
History states that in the olden days this area which was pronounced as the Chhotanagpur, was inhabitated by tribes who love to remain away from the interference and interaction with the outer world. The area of Hazaribagh came under the influence of Mughal rulers around 1556. During the British rule on the country Hazaribagh central jail was the place where leaders like Dr. Rajendra Prasad and Jayaprakash Narayan were kept arrested.
Besides the national park there is lot of tourist attractions for the Hazaribagh tour. Some of the prime tourist attractions of Hazaribagh are Canary Hills, Isko Village, Tilaiya Dam, Konar Dam and some temples such as Rajrappa Temple etc.
Tourist accommodation yet another important aspect of tourism is addresses by good number of Hazaribagh Hotels, which are providing all sorts of accommodation matching with the choice and preference of the tourist. You can be assured about one thing that you are going to get a warm welcome and quite comfortable stay here.

Vital Tourist Information : Hazaribagh

Location :
Hazaribagh, emerging health resort of north India is situated in Chhota Nagpur area of Jharkhand.

Near By City : Ranchi

State : Jharkhand [India]

Region : North India

Famous as / For :
Health Resort
City of Thousand Gardens
Gateway to Hazaribagh National Park

Weather & Climate :
Hazaribagh region comes under the area of tropical type climate. Summers here are quite harsh.

Temperature :
Summer: Min. 28°C Max. 34°C
Winter: Min. 10°C Max. 23°C

Best Time to Visit :
October to Mid April is considered as the tourist season for the Hazaribagh

Spoken Languages :
Hindi - Local Dialects - English

Dining / Food Facility :
At Hazaribagh there are good number of Hotels and restaurants offering recipes ranging from north Indian to Chinese, so food lovers will find Hazaribagh tour filled with mouth watering taste.

Tourist Spots/Attraction :
Prime Tourist attractions in and around Hazaribagh are :
Barso Pani Cave - Budhwa Mahadev Mandir- Canary Hill- Chadwa Dam - Hazaribagh National Park - Konar Dam - Lake - Narsingh Temple - Rajrappa Mandir - Surajkund - Tillaya Dam

How To Reach Hazaribagh Jharkhand [India]

Basic Travel Info :
Still many visitors prefer to use Ranchi as the base city for the Hazaribagh tour, though tourism infrastructure is developing at vigorous rate in the Hazaribagh region and train journey to Hazaribagh is also become available.

Train Journey / Nearest Railway Station :
Hazaribagh Road is the city's railway station which is on the Ranchi Patna train route. A few trains are available for train journey to Hazaribagh from Ranchi and Patna.

Road Travel / Bus Route :
As the Hazaribagh is situated on the NH 33 so it is more effective and easy to reach here by road travel. Direct buses are available from Ranchi, Dhanbad and other cities.

Air Travel / Nearest Airport :
Birsa Munda Airport Ranchi is the nearest airport from where tourist on the Hazaribagh tour can catch a domestic flight.