Know About splendid and eventful Agartala Tour in  Tirpura- India

Agartala is the capital city of Tirpura state and situated almost on the boundary of India with Bangladesh. Agartala tour offers truly suspenseful exotic world heavily enriched with genuine diversity of flora and fauna.  Nature has blessed the Agartala region  so abundantly that one will love to visit here again and again.

Beautiful palaces, gardens, hills, temples and lakes and picturesque surroundings will force you for pronouncing just one word  for your visit to Agartala Splendid and Amazing.

Architectural monuments and The red government buildings are adding to tourist value of city.

Vital Tourist Information : Agartala

Location : Situate in North east India. Bangladesh border is just few kilometers away from the city.

Near By City : Agartala

State : Tirpura

Famous as / For : Architectural Monuments

Weather & Climate : Barring the rainy season [June - September] Through out the year a pleasant weather welcomes visitors.

Temperature : Summer : 35 °C - 21.7 °C Winter : 25 °C - 10.1 °C

Best Time to Visit : October - April months is most suitable time for pleasure trips.

Spoken Languages : Kokborok (Tripuri language) - Manipuri - Chakma - Nepali - Hindi - English.

Dining / Food Facility : Most of Agartala hotels and restaurants primarily offer Indian cuisines. Finding a bar is not an easy task as drinking is limited with some exclusive clubs.

Shopping / Tour Souvenir : Artistic handicraft products of can, clay and bamboo etc. are prime shopping items.

Travel Tips : Advance tour and hotel booking proves reason for enhancing pleasure of Agartala tour.

Tourist Spots/Attraction : Benu Van Vihar - Kunjavan Palace - Maharaja Veer Vikram College - State Museum - Ujjayanta Palace - Buddha Vihar - Jagannath Temple

How To Reach Agartala Tirpura

Train Journey / Nearest Railway Station : Agartala is connected with other cities by Kumarghat- Agartala rail route and via Guwahati and Kolkatta.

Road Travel / Bus Route : National highway 44 generates connecting road links for city via Guwahati [600km].

Air Travel / Nearest Airport : City have domestic flights for the cities like Kolkatta, Guwahati and Silchar.

Local Transportation : In the Agratala you might be surprise to find cycle rickshaw as the mood of transportation.