Know About splendid and eventful Beach Holiday at Pichavaram Beach – Tamil Nadu Beaches

Pichavaram beach one among the the most exquisite scenic beaches of Tamil Nadu. Pichavaram beach is located hardly 16 km away from the religious city Chidambaram.

Backwaters of Pichavaram are favorable for water sports – rowing, kayaking and canoeing. At Pichavaram visitor will find forest of water rooted trees, in fact the place is the among the healthiest mangrove occurrence in the world.

Botany students find Pichavaram significant due to rare plant species like Avicennia and Rhizophora where as numerous birds like Water snipes, Cormorants, Egrets, Storks, Herons, Spoonbills and Pelicans are the reason of visit by the zoologist.

Pichavaram beach is heaven for the nature lovers, Bird Watchers and science student. On the Pichavaram beach tour you are certain of enjoying water sports at its fullest.

Vital Tourist Information : Pichavaram Beach

Location :
The road distance of Pichavaram beach from the Chidambaram city heart is about 15 km.

Near By City : Chidambaram

State : Tamil Nadu [India]

Famous as / For :
Healthiest mangrove occurrence in the world - Rare Plant species and Migratory Birds - Water Sports

Weather & Climate :
Pichavaram, Chidambaram experiences tropical climate.

Temperature :
For the Chidambaram city average temperature range noted is of Maximum 37° C and Minimum 20° C .

Best Time to Visit :
October - April months are the best time to visit Pichavaram. Bird watchers may note that Mongolians seagulls migrate here during the month of April.

Spoken Languages :
Tamil - English - Hindi

Dining / Food Facility :
Traditional South Indian foods enriched with rice and coconut are placed higher on the menu of hotels and restaurants. While in Tamil Nadu must try Rasam

Shopping / Tour Souvenir :
Chidambaram being a pilgrimage city you can't hope for expensive shopping here, can take Idols of deity as Gift of city.

Basic Travel Info :
Taxi and auto rickshaws are the means of city traveling and reaching to beach.

Beach Activities :
Beach Walk - Canoeing - Kayaking - Lazing - Rowing - Swimming - Water Sports

Interesting Information :
Pichavaram backwaters are not as popular as the Kerala backwaters are but surely are equally captivating. Mangrove plantations, rare plant species and variety of birds including migratory birds such as Seagull from Mongolia are making Pichavaram worth to visit more than one time.

How To Reach Pichavaram Beach Tamil Nadu [India]

Train Journey / Nearest Railway Station :
Chidambaram enjoys good rail journey network, direct trains are available from many cities such as Madurai, Rameshwaram, Bangalore, Tirupati and Chennai etc.

Road Travel / Bus Route :
Regular bus service is available from various cities of state for getting service. Non stop buses ply between Chennai - Chidambaram and super fast buses between Pondicherry - Chidambaram.

Air Travel / Nearest Airport :
Chidambaram don't have airport of own. Nearest airports for domestic flights in use by travelers are at Tiruchirapalli [195 km], Chennai [250 km] and Tirupati [290 km].